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CMDA-Transgender Identification Ethics Statement

Help! My daughter wants to become a man – Hopeful advice for distressed parents

Richard Fitzgibbons

The Transgender Agenda vs. the Science — Rick Fitzgibbons, The Catholic Thing

Pediatrician: ‘Transgender’ ideology has created widespread child abuse – Michelle A. Cretella is the president of the American College of Pediatricians.

Pediatrician destroys transgender ideology: ‘Puberty is not a disease,’ shouldn’t be prevented –

‘All I can say to Tucker Carlson is: keep digging, you’ll be alarmed at what you’ll find.’ By Peter LaBarbera

Psychologist condemns Ontario plan to provide sex-reassignment surgery as an ‘act of inhumanity’- A Dutch psychologist with more than 50 years’ experience treating homosexual individuals has blisteringly condemned the Ontario Liberals’ plan to offer in-province “genital transitional” surgeries next year. Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg excoriated all such surgeries as “harmful mutilation and an act of inhumanity” toward people who have a “serious mental disorder.”

Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria — Paul W. Hruz, Lawrence S. Mayer, Paul R. McHugh, The New Atlantis

How Conversion Therapy Bans Will Trap Transgender Children-A bill to ban ‘conversion therapy’ nationwide would bar American children unhappy with their bodies from access to therapy other than drastic bodily alteration.– Marcus Gregory, The Federalist

Researchers Identify 6,500 Genes That Are Expressed Differently in Men and Women

Genes that are mostly active in one sex or the other may play a crucial role in our evolution and health

Do 66,000 Pediatricians Really Support the AAP’s “Trans”-Affirmative Policy? Written By Laurie Higgins

The increasingly convincing link between autism and gender dysphoric kids-It’s no longer a kooky theory proposed by marginal psychologists By Michael Cook

At issue: The push for gender inclusivity in toys

Save America’s Children from These Gender-Bending ‘Nuns’

Beyond Bathrooms: Why Transgender Battles Could Soon Impact Every Family

‘Doctrine of gender-neutrality came out of the war on the family’ [United Kingdom]

-The Christian Institute

Scientific American’s Transgenderism Issue Only Delegitimizes Science-It represents a wholesale retreat from the principle that science should be apolitical, further jeopardizing the integrity of science and potentially inflicting real harm on people.

BreakPoint: A Psychiatrist Who Defied the Transgender Movement – Chuck Colson on Dr. Paul McHugh

BreakPoint: Opposing the Transgender Craze – How to Become a Scientific Heretic

LGBT groups sue Trump over transgender military ban

Transgender man cleared to compete for spot on Olympic women’s volleyball team

Athletes and parents believe 32-year-old biological man has an advantage. By Peter LaBarbera

How Erasing Sex Distinctions From Law Kills Privacy And Consent

Gender-inclusion legislation removes from persons, particularly females, the right of consent concerning their bodily privacy in spaces like change rooms and showers.

Former transgenders share sex change regret stories in new documentary-Life Site News

Transgender reversal: It’s not so easy to become a girl again By Carolyn Moynihan

‘I would love to be seen more as female’

I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military.

‘I used to think I was trans. Now I don’t.’ How Carey was set free from transgenderism

Carey Callahan, a young liberal woman, describes her “de-transition” from identifying as a “transman” and exposes some inconvenient truths about the “trans” community on which the mainstream press never reports By Laurie Higgins

Trump issues directive on transgender troops

Liberal Journalist: LGBT activist undermines arguments for transgenders in military

The New York Times ran a opinion piece denouncing Bradley Manning. By Doug Mainwaring

Caitlyn Jenner Quits Trump Over Military Transgender Ban

“I believe every American should be outraged.”

Trans Activist Confronts Caitlyn Jenner Over Trump Support: ‘You’re a F–-ing Fraud’

“You don’t know me”

I’m A Transgender, Decorated Veteran. I Oppose Military-Sponsored Sex Changes-The Federalist

Parents question daughter’s ‘transgender’ transition after her suicide By Doug Mainwaring

‘It Gets Better’ may not so good at preventing youth LGBT suicides: study

The video initiative intended to help gender-confused children ‘may be harmful,’ a study found.

By Doug Mainwaring

These Two Videos Reveal Trans Ideology’s Goals: Ending Sex And Normalizing Abuse

-The Federalist

Gender Identity Policies in Schools: What Congress, the Courts, and the Trump Administration Should Do-The Heritage Foundation

Air Force has ‘zero tolerance’ for using words ‘boy’ and ‘girl:’ Leaked email-‘Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate.’ By Claire Chretien

CA: ‘Drag queen bingo’ raises money for Planned Parenthood-Actress Emma Stone supported the LA fundraiser for the abortion giant. By Fr. Mark Hodges

Washington, DC adds transgender option for driver’s licenses. And it’s totally illegal-Judicial Watch says this clashes with a federal law passed after 9/11. By Claire Chretien

FL: Police officer disciplined for refusing to call a ‘transgender’ man a woman

GA: Can the liberal media really blame ‘transphobia’ for transgender deaths? The recent death of a 17-year-old ‘transgender’ resulted from violence within the gender-confused community. By Doug Mainwaring

ILL: Gov. Rauner Endorses Falsified Birth Certificates, Abandons Ethics and Science

Written By Laurie Higgins

ILL: Just Like the Dyke March, SlutWalk Bans ‘Zionist Displays’


Christians who reject transgenderism banned from adoption, working with children in Illinois — Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews

Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son ‘transgender’ treatment

The ruling questioned whether parents even have a right to access their child’s school records.

By Fr. Mark Hodges…liable-for-secretly-helping-your-son-beco

Missouri: Nuns practice ‘transgender’ school policy with disturbing role-play By Lisa Bourne

NC: Transgender students win legal battles

Lawsuit says North Carolina bathroom law still harmful

New Jersey forces girls to share bathrooms with ‘transgender’ boys – Republican Gov. Chris Christie signed off on the LGBTQI-friendly law. By Fr. Mark Hodges

Stunned parents, kids exposed to drag queen at NYC school By Lisa Bourne

Drag Queens, “Queers,” and Toddlers, Oh My!

Public library forced to cover transgender surgery in insurance plans-A male employee sued and won a settlement in Cincinnati. By Fr. Mark Hodges

What’s at Stake in the Left’s Effort to Redefine ‘Sex’ in Pennsylvania Law

In Texas Senate: MassResistance Texas parents give powerful testimony at public hearing in support of bathroom privacy act.

Video presentations from the MassResistance Texas Citizen Action Conference. Heavyweight lineup of speakers on vital issues of the pro-family fight.- What every pro-family activist needs to know. Information you might not hear anywhere else.- Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth is the leader of MassResistance Texas.

My ‘Sex Change’ Was a Myth. Why Trying to Change One’s Sex Will Always Fail.

Are People Who Don’t Let their Kids Choose their Gender Unfit Parents?

Transgender at 2-years-old? ‘Baloney!’ Charlie Butts ( – A man with personal experience contends people pushing youngsters into confused sexual identity – like one West Coast psychologist is doing – are making those children unhealthy.

HuffPo: Men Get Periods, Too – This photo sums up precisely what’s wrong when you divorce gender from reality. [Warning: graphic picture]

Forcing girls to compete against transgender boys is insane-A boy who ‘identifies’ as a girl winning state track titles against females is simply not fair. By Dorothy Cummings McLean

Born a Man, Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition [New Zealand]-CBN News

Transgender athlete tried to murder official who questioned his competing with women

Michael ‘Lauren’ Jeska was upset about an investigation into the legitimacy of his racing victories against women. By Fr. Mark Hodges

‘Transgender’ girl on testosterone dominates girls’ Texas wrestling championship

Some competitors refused to compete against Mack Beggs because the male hormones he was taking gave him a physical superiority. By Peter LaBarbera

Transgender Suicides: What to Do About Them

Man undergoing third sex change: ‘I hope I will finally be happy’

‘I’d still like to be a mum,’ he said. By Claire Chretien

‘Chestfeeding’? Even liberals believe ‘trans’ phenomenon has gone too far

If You Think Breastfeeding Is Natural, You’re Now A Transphobe

A mother nursing her child is the strongest image of biological connection between a parent and offspring outside the womb. As such, it must be destroyed.

A 21-Year-Old TransGender Has A Baby, And Doctors Say ‘Womb Transplants For Men’ Will Soon Be Possible

How artificial wombs are creating a genderless, family-free future-Thinking about artificial wombs helps clarify the moral significance of the bodily and the biological—in particular, the significance of pregnancy and maternity. By Anthony McCarthy

Transgender laws threaten to erase women By Family Policy Alliance and Women’s Liberation Front

Gender identity politics is erasing and silencing women By Michelle A. Cretella. MD, President of the American College of Pediatricians, A conservative, pro-life doctor praises a feminist protest against transgender ideology

Planned Parenthood Issues Guidelines On How To Talk To Pre-Schoolers About Transgenderism, Masturbation – “How do I know if my child is transgender or gender nonconforming?”

How Radical Feminism Sowed the Seeds of Our Transgender Moment

Teaching Kids About Trans: The Australian Safe Schools Programme-Transgender Trend

Sex-change surgeries skyrocket in Ontario


This baby could be the first to be registered as gender ‘unknown’ By Doug Mainwaring

Mom encourages 8-year-old son to be a ‘drag queen’-Why is this mom taking her son backstage for older ‘drag queens’ to size him up? By Claire Chretien

Matt Walsh: The LGBT agenda is an active threat to our children

Mom posts sexualized ‘drag queen’ photos of 6-year-old son

Mom and 11-year-old son both decide they’re ‘transgender’: where will the madness stop? By Walt Heyer

A ‘transgender’ kindergartner registered at my kids’ school. That’s when the madness began.

Schools across the country are quashing debate, abandoning academic excellence, and reducing themselves to pawns in a political movement whose claims are highly questionable, unscientific, and harmful to children. By Emily Zinos

Canadian passport will have new marker for transgender travellers, justice minister says

-CBC News

Catholic teachers adopt curriculum promoting transgenderism

We should not be teaching in Catholic and public schools what is based on deception and bad science. By Lou Iacobelli

France ramps up ‘hate speech’ laws for ‘transphobia’ offenders

Sex change prompts Singapore to annul couple’s marriage

Group runs bus ads telling the truth about transgenderism: now they’re getting death threats

Local officials have tried to get Hazte Oir off the road because it doesn’t like its message. By Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq.

The UK government’s unscientific and dangerous transgender agenda

If there is a disconnect between body and mind, do you fix the body or fix the mind?

UK to make it a snap to switch gender By Michael Cook

UK threatens to close Jewish school for not teaching 3-year-olds about transgenderism. ‘Pupils are shielded from learning about certain differences between people, such as sexual orientation.’ By Claire Chretien

Transgender teenager sues Hereford school for discrimination [United Kingdom]-BBC News

After husband decides he’s a woman, married couple to renew vows as ‘lesbians’ ‘We both get to wear the dress this time.’ By Claire Chretien

Church of England official: Transgenders could be ‘re-christened’ after ‘sex change’-Church leaders will discuss how to handle gender-confused individuals who want to be baptized again.

By Fr. Mark Hodges

Distinguishing differences in the notion of ‘transgenderism’

A philosopher sheds some light on how to discuss sex and gender Bernadette Tobin

Transgendered Case Goes To SCOTUS: on behalf of the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia on the so-called transgender bathroom decision in G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board. Liberty Counsel, and BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE DR. JUDITH REISMAN AND THE CHILD PROTECTION INSTITUTE IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER

See Press Release:

Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids Like It Hurt Me — Denise Shick, The Federalist

Transgender identities are not always permanent By Walt Heyer – A man who lived as a woman for years shares his traumatic experience

Buzzfeed’s ‘global’ poll shows acceptance of transgenderism on the rise. Just one problem. The United States and Canada were among the supporters in a survey that ignored more conservative countries. By Steve Weatherbe

Semper Sigh: Marines Follow Orders on Transgenders

Lawsuits Pile Up Against Obama Administration’s New Transgender Care Rule

U.S. Supreme Court takes up major transgender rights case

Women’s shelters must admit ‘transgender’ men: Obama admin rule – Shelters can no longer deny biological males access to the women’s facilities in cases that endanger women’s ‘health and safety.’ By Ben Johnson

Supreme Court Enters Legal Battle Over Gender Identity and the Purpose of Restrooms

Johns Hopkins caves to gay lobby: will offer ‘sex changes’ again By Claire Chretien

Journal: Transgenderism ‘Not Supported By Scientific Evidence’ By Peter Hasson

Five things to know about ‘gender dysphoria’ in children By Peter Sprigg

Pushing gender ideology on kids is child abuse: pediatricians group – ‘Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.’ By Susan Yoshihara

Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice – Walt Heyer, The Federalist

The Media Won’t Pressure Charlotte To Solve The Trans Bathrooms Squabble, But You Can – Richard Nelson, The Federalist

Massachusetts Government Can Force Transgender Bathroom Policies On Churches, Guidance Says By Peter Hasson

MN: Government Attempts Teen “Sex Change” without Parental Consent – Mom Sues

MN, NY, etc.: When ‘Liberty’ Forces 18 Girls Into a Single-Stall Shower Room

Woman launches suit to force Catholic hospital into doing ‘sex change’ surgery – The woman claims she was denied ‘medically necessary treatment’ to ‘align himself with his true sex.’ By Lisa Bourne

Texas court strikes down regulation forcing doctors to do ‘sex changes’ on kids

Texas legislator attacked for defending parents’ right to know if child is ‘transgender’ By Peter LaBarbera

Judge spanks transgender-obsessed Obama: You lie! Reaffirms nationwide injunction blocking White House policy for schools

Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ is Mass Hysteria Similar to 1980’s Era Junk Science – Richard B. Corradi, M.D. is professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio.

Canada’s Boldest Professor Defies the Gender Police by Scott Ventureyra

‘He’ and ‘she’ make way for ‘ze’ in Oxford’s gender-sensitive education

One of the world’s greatest universities has succumbed to pronominal correctness – Michael Cook

A nine-year-old boy is spreading a ‘contagion of mass delusion’ By Walt Heyer

I was just like the ‘trans’ 9-year-old in National Geographic. Now I know it’s pure fantasy – National Geographic’s cover photo is exploitation. The health and well-being of a child are being sacrificed to advance a political and cultural crusade. By Walt Heyer

What ‘feels right’ isn’t always right. -National Geographic exploits children to further an agenda

Charity Reports Record Number of Children Complaining About Gender – “As transgenderism becomes increasingly prominent”

Preschool ‘transgenderism’ on the rise, Canadian pediatricians report

Children are at risk when they exist only to enact parents’ beliefs By Denyse O’Leary

Transgender tots? ‘Recovered memories’ hysteria is a warning from recent history – Part I: Claims that gratify cultural needs are often accepted without good evidence Denyse O’Leary

Unravelling ‘recovered memories’ By Denyse O’Leary – Transgender tots? Part II: How did cognitive psychologists go about unravelling the increasingly frenzied stories?

Transgender tots? Part III: the sad lives of poster children – Trudeau opening door to ‘outright persecution’ as he fast-tracks ‘trans rights’ bathroom bill: critic By Lianne Laurence

9-year-old given puberty blockers after watching CBBC programme

Gay British actor warns against sex change for children By Steve Weatherbe

5 year-olds ‘in the wrong body’? New study questions irreversible treatment for confused kids – The authors say they are ‘disturbed and alarmed’ by ‘transgender’ treatments used on kids. By Pete Baklinski

What It’s Like to Chestfeed – The many obstacles trans men and other transmasculine people run into when feeding infants

Australian court approves intersex child’s surgery: A five-year-old Australian child born genetically male will grow up as a sterilised female after a court agreed to her having surgery.

11 Transgender Americans Share Their Stories In HBO’s ‘The Trans List’

Absurdity: Transgender Men Allowed in Women’s NHL – “This is really a groundbreaking policy in professional sports.”

A transgender military is a weaker, compromised military By Peter Sprigg,

New York City: 31 Genders (and No Brains) – Lee Duigon

The Post-Truth New York Times and Men In Lipstick

North Carolina LGBT activists fail in latest bid to repeal bathroom privacy bill – A supposed ‘compromise’ to repeal HB2 fell through. By Fr. Mark Hodges

Proposed bathroom bill will keep ‘transgender’ men out of girls’ bathrooms in Texas – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is behind the Women’s Privacy Act that would apply to public schools and government buildings. By Fr. Mark Hodges

Case Logic: FRC Files Brief in VA Bathroom Suit

There Is No Conservative Case For Genderless Bathrooms – Written By Glenn T. Stanton

Feminist Camille Paglia: “Transgender Mania” Is A Sign Of Cultural Collapse

The Gender Identity Bill Passed By South Australian Parliament

Canada: Drunk men using trans law to invade women’s bathrooms, says Alberta bar By Lianne Laurence

LGBT leader to America: Be more like Communist China on transgender restrooms – The writer was impressed that the Chinese accepted gender-neutral bathrooms ‘without a single protest, boycott or lawsuit’ against their repressive, Marxist government. By Ben Johnson

New video exposes gender identity lies  By Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent

BBC film on child transgender issues worries activists

-The Guardian

UK: Transgender teen who cut parents out of his life wins payout after council let slip his new identity

Judge criticizes social workers who backed mom in forcing young boy to dress as girl – The social workers ignored concerns from the boy’s school because ‘they were Roman Catholics.’ By Steve Weatherbe

The police having transgender training By Sima Kotecha

WATCH: Here’s the merciful way the Church deals with transgender people

Another confusing papal statement, this time on gender ideology – When we are asked to treat a biological female as a man, or a biological male as a woman, we are being asked to deny reality.

By Phil Lawler

How do you speak politely to 60 different genders? Michael Cook

The scientific objectivity of gender difference – Glenn T. Stanton

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’ – Michael W. Chapman

A Former Transgender Person’s Take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive – Walt Heyer

Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success – Walt Heyer

I Wish I Had Been Told About These Risks Before I Had Gender Surgery – Walt Heyer

Freedom to change your life: Why the government shouldn’t ban ‘reparative therapy’ Gender transition is being pushed today as the only treatment for gender issues, and that is a flat-out lie. By Walt Heyer

My Dad Was Transgender. Why I Still Think Gender Can’t Be Changed. – Denise Schick

‘Transmasculine’ teacher gets $60K after Co-workers refuse to call Her ‘They’ Written by: Bethany Blankley

WATCH: He’s transgender. He identifies as female, and he’s against transgender men using the women’s room By Ben Johnson

Experimenting on Children – Written By Laurie Higgins

Bathroom Mandate and the Transgender Medical Abuse of Children – Linda Harvey

Macy’s fires Catholic employee for questioning transgender bathroom policy By Lisa Bourne

NBA Guilty of Traveling

General: Obama’s transgender decree is harming the military – By Ben Johnson

Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Law, Imposes Transgender Policy on Nation’s Schools – Ryan T. Anderson

The Problem with Gender Studies by  Matthew Tuininga

Obama admin. forces transgender bathrooms, locker rooms, on schools as condition of funding: ‘Transgender’ students must also be allowed to stay in hotel rooms with students of the opposite sex on school trips.- By Ben Johnson

Transgender Woman Arrested for Taking Pictures of Woman in Target Dressing Room – Sarah Fisher

Sexual Abuse Survivors Talk About ‘Devastating Implications’ From Transgender Bathroom Laws – Leah Jessen

Two British men may become first to compete as women at Olympics next month: Two unnamed British men who have transitioned to women appear to have qualified for the Rio Olympic Games in August. By Claire Chretien

Should Individuals Who Identify as Transgender Be Permitted to Serve in the Military? By Peter Sprigg Senior Fellow for Policy Studies

What are the Implications of Transsexuals in the Military? Barbwire

Transgenders in Military: Impeachable, Damaging and Expensive – Bryan Fischer

Transgender Person Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Woman In Target Dressing Room By Peter Hasson

Meet the Moms Fighting the Government Over Their Children’s Bathroom Privacy

Two-thirds of Americans oppose government forcing transgender bathrooms: Poll – Every demographic group and political persuasion oppose transgender ‘bathroom bills,’ the survey found. By Ben Johnson

Gov’t Enforced Fines and Punishment for Anyone Using Wrong Gender Pronouns: “This is the government as sovereign, threatening civil penalties… if people don’t speak the way the government tells them to.” – Trey Sanchez

Now 23 states have sued Obama admin over transgender bathroom mandate – Ben Johnson

Federal Policies on Transgender Students: Serving Neither the Community, the Family, nor the Transgender Student by Justin Dyer

A Florida School Board Limits Public Bathrooms to Birth Gender

ILL: Man who choked 8-year-old girl in women’s restroom stokes alarm over transgender access

Louisiana’s AG tells schools to ignore Obama’s transgender policy

Attempt to change North Carolina bathroom privacy law unsuccessful—for now: And it appears the NBA may have backed off pushing for change. By Claire Chretien

Upstate NY Girl Scouts to Allow Transgenders to Join Their Troops – Michael Ware

New York City imposes fines up to $250,000 for refusing to call trans person ‘ze’ or ‘hir’: The guidelines are so absurd, observes one legal analyst, that someone could force you to call them whatever they want. – By Steve Weatherbe

South Dakota Governor Vetoes Transgender Bathroom Bill

Man In Dressing Room Says He Was ‘A Woman Today’

After Target Stocks Plunge Following Bathroom Policy, Company Turns Around & Sues Customer Who Saved Shopper from Stabbing – Tim Brown

Retired General Fired for Disagreeing with Obama over Transgender Policies

Not your grandfather’s transgenderism: Why some LBGs want to ‘Drop the T’. – Zak Alstin

Obama Eliminates Single-Sex Bathrooms For National Parks

Obama touts transgender restrooms, blasts ‘harmful practice of conversion therapy’: LGBT activists seek to stifle ‘the right of some clients to choose not to identify as gay,’ an expert tells LifeSiteNews. By Ben Johnson

What Obama’s Bathroom Directive Really Does

Women vs. Transwomen Cultural Death Match – Written By Laurie Higgins

Parents outraged as biological male beats girls at Alaska state track meet: ‘How do you explain to her that not only does she need to train to beat her fellow female athletes now she should also train to beat the males?’ By Ben Johnson

How Androgynous Bathrooms Ruin Social Cohesion, And Women Can Restore It – Joy Pullmann

Rendering the sexed body legally invisible – How transgender law hurts women. Erika Bachiochi

‘Transgender’ mom and dad: The next wave of LGBT propaganda coming to schools? The war on truth continues. Can we confront it?

Obama salutes transgender ‘dads’ in Father’s Day proclamation – Ben Johnson

Obama Appoints Transgender Woman to Advise on Faith Issues

Reality check: gender diversity is driven by a top-down ideological movement

The transgender moment was utterly predictable. – Mary Rice Hasson

It didn’t happen overnight: The cultural and social changes of the past 50 years laid the groundwork for transgenderism. – Margaret Somerville

There is not just one ‘trans’ narrative: But turf warriors are bent on imposing an absolutist dogma. – Barbara Kay

Male Privilege and Women’s Bathrooms by Jennifer Roback Morse

I Didn’t Believe Feminists Until The Trans Lobby Attacked Me: I didn’t believe in rape culture until a 6’3”, 250-pound grown man stared angrily into my eyes and proclaimed to me how hurtful it was that I did not want to see his penis. – Kaeley Triller

The sheer insanity of the ‘transgender’ fad – By Jonathon van Maren

The Sexual Revolution Proves Itself to be a Totalitarian Movement — Jennifer Roback Morse, The Blaze

Gender Identity: Marxist Plan to Destroy the Family – Written by: David Risselada

Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals – By Claire Chretien

Gender ideology and other dogmas of the new global order – By John-Henry Westen

Gender ideology harms children – Quentin Van Meter, Paul McHugh and Michelle A. Cretella

World’s largest psychiatrist org condemns treatment for unwanted gay attractions

Planned Parenthood now offers sex change services for transgenders in bid to earn more money – Jonah Hicap

Canada: Transvestites: Tell the Truth about them – Go to Prison – Written by: Bryan Fischer

Vive la Gender Diff�rence! Glenn T. Stanton

Scottish scheme giving gov’t direct oversight of every child includes sexual indoctrination:

A government plan in Scotland to oversee the rearing of children starting at birth is considered a threat to parental rights. By Steve Weatherbe

Spanish bishops denounce ‘totalitarian’ transgender bathroom law: The transgender law is an ‘iniquitous’ one that ‘gravely assaults the fifth commandment,’ they write. By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Transhysteria: Norway to Launch Bill Allowing 6-Year-Olds to Change Gender: We wonder how Oslo’s migrants will feel about this.

Should Individuals Who Identify as Transgender Be Permitted to Serve in the Military? Current policy does not permit transgender persons (that is, those who identify with a “gender” that is different from their biological sex at birth) to serve in the U.S. military. FRC believes gender dysphoria should be considered a condition which continues to prevent one from entering or remaining in the military for a host of reasons, including adverse effects on troop readiness as well as the erosion of good order, morale, and discipline from forced cohabitation and sharing of intimate spaces such as restrooms and showers with someone of the opposite biological sex. By Peter Sprigg

The Transgender Movement and “Gender Identity” in the Law Virtually all people have a biological sex, identifiable at birth and immutable through life, which makes them either male or female. The transgender movement represents a denial of this physical reality. The public policy implications of the transgender movement are far-reaching and are addressed in this paper. By Peter Sprigg

How the LGBT movement sells its outrageous transgender “bathroom” bill to politicians across America.

Strategy outlined at Transgender Lobby Day in Mass. State House, for bill now before Legislature. Well-crafted emotional messaging. (See video below)

Transgenderism Has No Basis in Science or Law — Margaret A. Hagen, Public Discourse

Bruce or Caitlyn?

50 years of sex changes, mental disorders, and too many suicides

I Used to Be Transgender. Here’s My Take on Kids Who Think They Are Transgender.  Walt Heyer  / February 16, 2016

The Danish Girl is nonsense. I would know. I was once a transgender woman.

Thanks to ‘Transgender Equality’ Laws, Boys are now Sharing Girls’ Locker Rooms – Dr. Michael Brown

Parents Putting the Foot Down Against Multi Gender Locker Rooms

Republicans Battle to Roll Back Washington’s New Transgender Bathroom Rules”&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRovvanAZKXonjHpfsX56eglW6KwlMI%2F0ER3fOvrPUfGjI4ASMRkPK%2BTFAwTG5toziV8R7jHKM1t0sEQWBHm

LGBT Activists Slam Caitlyn Jenner as a ‘Republican Hypocrite’ – See more at:

The First Transgender Superhuman by Paul Hair

This Week in Progressive Lunacy: Woman Identifies as a Cat

Olympics allows ‘transgender’ men to compete as women without genital surgery

Scientists who deny the differences between genders still wonder if ‘growing up male’ presents an unfair Olympic advantage. By Steve Weatherbe

San Francisco Moves to Mandate City Bathrooms as Gender Neutral

ILL: Surprise, Parents! Co-Ed Restroom in North Shore High School

MassResistance pro-family activists converge on Mass. State House to counter transgender “bathroom” bill

SD: What Locker Rooms Should Boys Who Identify as Girls Be Allowed to Use? South Dakota’s Answer Respects All

Washington State bathroom rule obliterates men’s and women’s rooms

Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out Against Washington’s Transgender Bathroom Policies – Kelsey Harkness

Why Obamacare Might Force Doctors to Perform Sex-Reassignment Surgeries

Manitoba’s new transgender judge believed to be province’s first

The Slippery Slope of Transgender Prisoner Rights — Mark Pulliam, National Review

Feminist icon: Transgender ‘women’ like Bruce Jenner aren’t women. They’re delusional.

Getting long ears and wearing a brown coat, ‘won’t turn me into a fu**ing cocker spaniel,’ said Greer.

By Fr. Mark Hodges By John Jalsevac

Ex-Transgenders And -Homosexuals Come Out Of The Closet — Walt Heyer, The Federalist

The Father of 7 Who Believes He’s a 6-Year-Old Girl

How Should Christians Respond to the Transgender Phenomenon? Robert A. J. Gagnon, First Things

What do the statistics say about transgender mental health? – See more at:

Solipsism, the Genderevolution & Child Victims Written By Laurie Higgins

Twenty years of the gender agenda By Dale O’Leary

NYC to Enact Legal Consequences for Using Wrong Pronoun with Transgenders Written by: Suzanne Hamner

New York City initiates the most severe “transgender rights” enforcement in America. Up to $250K fine for using the wrong name in workplace — and worse. – New “rights” leveraged from NYC’s transgender “non-discrimination” law. Similar to laws being passed across the US. This is where it’s headed.

The Slippery Slope of Transgender Prisoner Rights — Mark Pulliam, National Review

Ex-Transgenders And -Homosexuals Come Out Of The Closet — Walt Heyer, The Federalist

Kansas University Student Senate Votes to Ban ‘His/Her’ from Governing Document Because They’re ‘Microaggressions’ — Katherine Timpf, National Review

How Should Christians Respond to the Transgender Phenomenon? Robert A. J. Gagnon, First Things

A new identity will not make you happy-Transgenderism, transableism: just the latest trends in a flawed search for fulfillment. by Zak Alstin

What the Future Holds — Denny Burk, Tabletalk

Ask Not Who’s Running For President, Ask Who’s Running For School Board — Stella Morabito, The Federalist

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms

Parent Successfully Fights Transgender Education in Public School — Liberty Counsel

Fired daycare worker: ‘My obligation to protect child’

Gay Gestapo bullies transgenders

Invasion of the body snatchers: transgenderism on Halloween – Daniel Moody | FEATURES | 11 November 2015 – Letting the sexual difference genie out of the bottle.

Massachusetts Democrats delay transgender bathroom bill

NC attorney general blasts governor for opposing transgender ‘bathroom bills’

NJ: New policy would force Princeton schools not to tell parents if kids identify as ‘transgender’

NY: Fordham changes restroom signs as part of ‘gender inclusive’ campaign

The changes to signs were pushed by The Positive, a student activist group led by a student identifying as a transgender male.

Analysis: What really happened in Houston – How the transgender “bathroom bill” was defeated against overwhelming odds – A lesson for the rest of us

Boys in girls’ locker rooms: we can say no – and win

UWM offers ‘voice feminization therapy’ to help students ‘live their gender identities’

Canada: The ‘tyranny’ of sex-change surgery and its political sycophants

Alberta NDP gvmt’s new ‘trans’ bill puts men in women’s bathrooms: critics  By Steve Weatherbe

Canada’s Girl Scouts opens doors to ‘transgender’ girls with radical new guidelines By Steve Weatherbe

We Got “Transgender” Trouble Right Here in District 211

A Brief Word About the Incoherence of Transgender Locker Room Policy Written By Laurie Higgins

MassResistance testifies at “transgender non-discrimination bill” hearing in Mass. Legislature. Confronts politicians’ acceptance of absurd concept!

Battle is on to stop oppressive transgender bill on “public accommodations” now in Mass. Legislature

Part of renewed nationwide push by LGBT movement. With no religious exemptions.

The pain of transgender regret

Obama Administration Allowing 12,000 Soldiers To Get Sex Operations Written by: Theodore Shoebat

The transgender suicide epidemic: is accepting their confusion really the answer?

Conservatives and Transgenderism: A Response to Jennifer Gruenke

Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement By Dale O’Leary and Peter Sprigg

PBS luring young audience with pro-transgender program

Ontario push for more access to ‘sex-change’ surgery is absurd: psychiatrist

Parents say they’re now calling four-year-old son a girl

Norway bill would let kids change their sex at age 7

‘It is a basic human right for people to express their own identity, even in official’

We are advancing, not ‘surrendering’ on transgender issue

The paper is not a ‘surrender,’ but the exact opposite — a clear declaration of our intention to engage actively in the debate over this issue and offer an alternative path to the leftist social agenda that only harms those struggling with gender dysphoria. By Peter Sprigg

Girl Scouts returns $100,000 donation over transgender stipulation

LGBT Community Glorifies Transgender Lifestyle, Despite Mental Disorder Tie

PFOX’s Says It’s Time to Consider Grave Truth; Offers Safe Exit Program and Resources to Churches

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

Transgenderism: A pathogenic meme

Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Needs Our Prayers, Not Our Applause, National Review

The Radical Simplicity of Vanity Fair’s Cover — The Atlantic

‘No, you can’t get treatment for your child’s gender confusion’ An Ontario bill would ban a proven therapy for children suffering gender dysphoria.

I had a transgender parent. Unlike Obama, I don’t think transgender parents should be able to adopt.

Canadian Catholic church sued for not letting boy use girl’s bathroom

‘Too many end in suicide’: The dark history of gender ‘reassignment’

I was a transgender woman…and here’s how it nearly killed me

The day my dad told me he wanted to be a woman…when I was 9 years old

Children as young as 3 referred to NHS for transgender treatments

The number of young children – some as young as three – being referred for transgender treatments has quadrupled in the last six years. By Thaddeus Baklinski

When my father told me he wanted to be a woman

What Parents Should Know About Giving Hormones To Trans Kids

Medical guidelines advise against doing what many U.S. doctors are to kids who feel like the opposite gender: Giving them life-altering hormones early.

The absurdity of transgenderism: a stern but necessary critique We should encourage social norms that reflect the truth about the human person. –

U.S. military approves Manning’s “gender reassignment” hormone treatment

Army considers easing policy on transgender soldiers

Kate Bushnell and Abbie Games had been together for two years when Kate confessed she was a man trapped in a woman’s body and Abbie realised she felt the same …

Former transsexual says surgeons too quick to operate

What Are Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Ordinances?

The absurdity of transgenderism: A stern but necessary critique 

U.S. Justice Department Includes ‘Gender Identity’ in Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Here’s What Parents Of Transgender Kids Need To Know

A fundamental right to ‘personal recreationism’?

AFTAH Transgender Photo-Story – Bruce Jenner: Don’t Try to Become a Woman!

Transgender ordinance opposed by Michelle Duggar of ’19 Kids and Counting’ is repealed by voters

Judge Rules Against Houston Mayor in Lawsuit Over Transgender Bathroom Rights.

Google to Offer Infinite Ways to Defining Gender.

Demand for Sex-Change Surgery in Belgium up 30 Percent.

Transgender person elected mayor in India

Proposed Minnesota policy would allow student athletes to choose teams based on ‘gender identity’


“Transtopia: Transgender people who regret their sex changes typically get buried in venom rather than loved” – The Federalist

Why we oppose the normalization of transgenderism

Students Hold ‘Sh*t-In,’ ‘Gender-Inclusive Bathroom’ Protests

A Mom’s Letter Introducing Her Transgender Daughter

Another Lesbian Feminist ‘Success’ Story

‘Groundbreaking’ ruling for transsexual disabled vet

Saskatchewan readies to pass special protections for ‘transgender people’

Iran Forcing Gays into Sex Change Operations @cafetheresa – See more at:

“Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’,”

“Transgenderism: A Theological Perspective,” Canon and Culture

Male prisoners ‘exploiting’ transsexual policy

Catholic Malta enacts ‘transgender’ employment discrimination law

The provision, which was quietly passed in May, came into effect on August 12th.

Transgender Students Battle Christian Universities

(UPDATED) George Fox University and California Baptist University receive religious exemptions to newly clarified gender equity requirements.

Policy changes for Maryland state transgender employees

How a Catholic school board hopes to accommodate gender disorder in a Catholic way

Four Questions I Have About Transgender Identity Struggling to love my neighbors in grace and truth

Does gender matter?

How the trans-agenda seeks to redefine everything

Transgendered teen to be honored at Pride March in San Francisco

Former Johns Hopkins head psychiatrist: ‘transgender surgery isn’t the solution’

This Poor Child is Confused, Not ‘Transgendered.’

Canada: Trans kids referred to as ‘xe’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’

US taxpayers to fund sex-change procedures for federal employees

Obama order to grant special rights to gay, transgender employees of federal contractors

Obama Extends Protections to Transgenders.

Nine things you should know about transgenderism

Austrian bishop: Pope Francis told me ‘gender ideology is demonic’

Medicare ban on sex reassignment surgery lifted

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is ‘open’ to lifting ban on transgender soldiers

My husband became a ‘woman,’ and it ruined our marriage – and my future relationships

Remembering Reimer: How one man’s tragic suicide proved that boys shouldn’t be raised as girls

Transsexual wanted for homicide after killing another man with black market silicone injections

Children as Young as 9 to Begin Injections for Sex Changes

When Boy Should Be Girls  and Girls Should Be Boys

The ACLU views sex differences as ‘discredited notions’

Gender Insanity: Violent Male Sent to CT Women’s Prison

Lambda Legal sues Ill. doctor and clinic for denying hormone therapy to transgender woman

Kentucky school to allow ‘transgender’ students access to opposite sex restrooms

Maryland bill to stop transgender discrimination signed

Army won’t pay for Bradley Manning gender surgery

New York Radio Hosts Fired for Transgender Remarks\

OR: Transgender student files complaint against Christian college after being told he can’t live in male dorms–253942041.html

Trans man in legal battle for birth sex to ‘be forgotten’

Australian gender theorist: Transgenderism is ‘hugely harmful’…because it’s not radical enough

India court recognizes transgender people as third gender

Federal Government’s Diversity & Inclusion Reference Materials – Guidance Regarding the Employment of Transgender Individuals in the Federal Workplace

President Obama Advances Gender Confusion and Erodes Privacy

Official Policy: Male Federal Workers Can Use Women’s Restrooms, Locker Rooms

Flight From Pain – My Journey Into And Out Of Transexuality Through Christ

Opponents of California transgender bill sue state officials over tossed petition signatures

Maryland approves legislation to “protect transgender rights”

Taxpayers must pay for jailed transgendered man’s hormone treatments, judge orders

Transsexual accused of serial killing: I didn’t kill those women because I’m a new person

Vatican backs US Catholics who claimed it was a scandal for Catholic university to host drag show

Facebook users can now choose between 50 new ‘gender identity’ options

Transgender athlete sues CrossFit for banning her from competing as female

Transgender teen girl admits lying about sexual assault ‘hate crime’ in high school bathroom

Transgendered teen on CA softball team: ‘Mixed-up, in-your-face’ agenda

Public accommodations provision in Md. transgender rights bill draws outcry

Wisconson: Shorewood adopts transgender student guidelines, protections

‘Bullied’ transgender boy sent to restorative justice program after he was charged with assault

Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ in order to assault women in shelter

Fake Transgender Attacked Women

‘Gender neutral’ employee quits, then sues former bosses for $518,000 because they called her ‘lady’

Syracuse Catholic churches hold workshops on how to promote ‘trans rights’

Ireland’s ‘trans’ bill will grant state recognition to teens’ chosen gender

Polish bishops warn ‘gender ideology’ is dangerous to society

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow: I’ll keep speaking out against transgenderism despite death threats

“Chris Christie vetoes bill allowing transgender people to get new birth certificates”

Federal appeals court upholds Mass. inmate’s right to taxpayer-funded sex change surgery

“Transgender Issues Follow Path Blazed By Gay Rights” | NPR

Canada: “Fired transgender teacher to go before human rights tribunal”

Self-harm and suicidal thoughts higher among transgender people in the UK than in Ireland

Butte, MT drafting gender identity ordinance

Sec. Kerry prioritizes transgender over children

High school: Girls should avoid restroom if they’re bothered by transgender boy in the stalls

CA: Transgender bathroom laws an assault on freedom, expert says

Texas county policy allows “transgender” inmates to choose the sex of cell mates

Newfoundland gvmt will put forward transgender ‘bathroom bill’

Saskatchewan rejects transgender rights proposal petition

‘Transgender’ man kicked out of social club after disturbing females in the restroom

‘Transgender’ boy accused of harassing girls in the restroom at Colorado school: school denies

European parliament prepares new report on transgender ‘rights’ and ‘homophobia’

“Transgender woman fights for her marriage and gender identity in European Court”

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

UK: Number of kids seeking a sex change rises by 50% in a year

The Transgender Culture Wars,” Crisis Magazine

Christian university fires female professor who says she is now a ‘male eunuch’

Will Transgender Professor Be Fired From Christian College After Stunning Reveal?

Six-year-old boy becomes first ‘transgender’ child in Argentina

Woman legally euthanized in Belgium over depression after sex change

Engaging the Issues: The Reality of a Transgender Worldview – Nancy Pearcey

Comprehensive Bathroom Reform  ‘war on children’

How will transsexual showers affect women’s rights?

SD: Small Grocery store ordered to pay $50K for transgender discrimination

  1. Arizona seeks to boost transgender studies program

NY: Ministerial Exception Defense Rejected In Suit By “Transgender Catholic School Teacher”

Army to Bradley Manning: No, we won’t pay for your sex change procedures

Air Force hosts drag queen performance for ‘Diversity Day’

Transgender Freaks Out When Called Lady

Drag queen takes glamor photos in front of graphic images (video)

Conservative Christianity and the transgender question | Russell D. Moore at Washington Post

Stephen Harper’s decision on Parliament may set back transgender ‘bathroom bill’

Parents support 11-year-old gender confused daughter to go back to school as a boy

University of Alberta creates ‘all-gender’ restrooms for transgender students

Police investigating after ‘transsexual’ man denied access to women’s washroom

Cal. gov. signs bill allowing ‘transgender’ students to use opposite sex bathrooms, locker rooms

California School District Settles with DOJ: Transgender Student Can Use Boys’ Bathroom | CNS

Accommodating Transgendered in Our Nation’s Military,” Touchstone Magazine

Transgender anchor sues BET for $2.5 million because he couldn’t host segment in drag

ABC News producer who became a transgender ‘woman’ decides he is a man again

“Taiwan upholds first transgender marriage”

CBS execs meet with transgender activists to promote positive TV portrayals

DOJ Says Transgender Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination

Male ‘transgender’ activist arrested after mid-flight striptease

BLOG: The Difference Between Masculinity and Femininity

MD: 6-year-old girl living as ‘transgender’ boy

NY: Crossdressing camp for boys as young as six draws criticism from Christian leaders

Harry Reid focuses on the important things…like genderless bathrooms…like-genderless-bathrooms?

6-year-old ‘transgender’ boy must be allowed to use girls’ bathroom: Colorado officials

Part 2 in our series: What Boston “Gay Pride” reveals about the LGBT movement in America.

Boston Gay Pride. Part 1: Pushing the “transgender” agenda

Delaware House considers transgender discrimination bill

Woodlawn-based federal agency changes policy affecting transgender community
Social Security Administration: “gender change” merely requires letter from a doctor,0,3535005.story

“Oregon Legislature Repeals Surgery Requirement for Gender Change on Birth Certificate” | ACLU

‘Intersex’ included on Australia’s new gender guidelines

Transgender bill sails through Canadian Human Rights Senate Committee unamended

Toronto District School Board opens its first co-ed washroom

Transgender-bias bill passes Delaware Senate

The Bathroom Bill — The Implications

Gender Identity Bill (GENDA) Passes NY State Assembly

ACLU Warns High School Principal Who Removed Transgender Pennsylvania Student From Prom King Ballot

BLOG: An Invite From the Gender-Studies Folks

Transgender bill in Canadian Senate will open door to normalizing pedophilia, women’s org warns

‘SheZow’ Cartoon Promotes Gender Confusion – Children do not need this message. by Bethany Monk

Italian bishops head gives Communion to notorious transsexual at Marxist priest’s funeral

Sex Change: a Lie and a Medical Fraud

“LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare’s Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients”

Transgendered ‘woman’ lies about therapy ‘torture’

Exclusive: Christopher Doyle reveals truth about testimony before N.J. Senate panel

Psychiatry’s New Normal: ‘Transgendered’ Persons (7540)

The American Psychiatric Association drops ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ from its official classification of mental illnesses, as the drive for acceptance of sex-reassignment surgery advances.

Equality’s Next Victims: Transgendering Our Children or Girl?

“Hey! Make it Up as You Go Along Children”. Transgender Gestapo Enforce Anti-Bullying Laws.

Sky fall: gender ideology comes to the schoolhouse

Cross-dressing student sues Baptist university after being expelled for lying about his sex

Arizona moves to restrict transgender bathroom use | CBS

“Dispute on Transgender Rights Unfolds at a Colorado School” | NYT

“GLAD Files Appeal on Behalf of Maine Transgender Student”

Md. Senate committee kills transgender bill | Washington Blade

“Canada House Passes Transgender Rights Bill”

State Dept. Offers Special Two-Year Passports for Transgenders in Transition

Mixed Martial Arts fighter admits ‘she’ was born male after speedy knockout

Students Who Refuse to Affirm Transgender Classmates Face Punishment

NDP MP hopes amendments to ‘transgender’ bill will win over Conservatives

How I Went from “Robert” to “Claudia” – A Fake Woman

NDP MP hopes amendments to ‘transgender’ bill will win over Conservatives

Ariz. divorce case hits snag after marriage’s validity questioned because husband gave birth | AP on Cox News

ACLU of Kentucky Celebrates Passage of Gender Identity Law in Vicco

Psychiatry expert: ‘scientifically there is no such thing as transgender’

A politically incorrect guide to ‘sexual orientation’

Exclusive: Matt Barber explains latest alphabet designations for behavioral deviants

‘Gender neutral’ toys: A poor economic decision

APA more neutral toward transgenders

50-year-old transsexual ‘woman’ makes college basketball debut: video

Ontario politician calls constituent ‘transphobic’ at her doorstep

Gender-Confused Committee Member Vilifies Aurora Faith Community

Evangelical attorneys unite to fight homosexual and pro-abortion movements in Brazil

Transgenders break into Brazil’s modeling sector

Transgender bill ‘isn’t necessary,’ concedes Canadian Human Rights Commission

‘Transgender’ man may continue using girls’ locker room, says college

“ADF: Transgender Issue Putting Youngsters At Risk” | One News Now

Biden: Transgender discrimination is “the civil rights issue of our time”

I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again’: Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment

Malaysia Transsexuals Lose Challenge Against Law

Mass. To Appeal Ruling Ordering Taxpayers to Pay for Inmate Sex Change

OK: ACLU To Fight For Transgender OKC Woman Denied Name Change

MP fights ‘transgender rights’ bathroom bill

MP Rob Anders criticized over ‘bathroom bill’ comments

Transgender community not happy with Calgary politician

Gender confusion in Toronto school washrooms

“Transgender summer camp” for kids promoted on front-page of Boston Globe.

“Some Notable Rulings On Transgender People”

Male and Female — Incomprehensible? By Dr. Peter Jones

APA to eliminate gender identity disorder, replace with ‘gender dysphoria’

BLOG: Boys Wearing Dresses and Pan-Sexuals. Are We Confused?

ACLU: “Let’s Be Clear: Transgender Discrimination IS Sex Discrimination”

What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? By RUTH PADAWER The New York Times

San Francisco archdiocese bans drag queens from parish; gay group indignant

UK roundup: Oxford says male students can wear skirts to exams, others

Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students

Students sitting exams or attending formal occasions will no longer have to wear ceremonial clothing specific to their gender

“Transgender Advocates Seek New Diagnostic Terms”

“Marriage” For Transgendered People Before The European Court

Sweden: Oy! Now THIS group wants to be able to marry ‘Transgender marriage’ up next? Court of Human Rights asked to halt ‘social engineering’

New MA law “backs transgender residents”

Transgender kids get help navigating a difficult path

Amber is one of an increasing number who are getting specialized care. The 12-year-old takes puberty-blocking drugs and hopes to have gender reassignment surgery at 16.,0,216229.story?track=lanowpicks

Miss Pennsylvania resigns from Miss USA pageant over allowing transgender man to compete

15 federal Conservatives who helped Canadian ‘transsexual’ bill pass 2nd reading

Ontario passes bill adding ‘gender identity,’ ‘gender expression’ to Human Rights Code

Alberta Tories begin funding ‘gender reassignment’ surgery

Heart-broken grandmother refuses to think of five-year-old ‘transgender’ grandson as a girl

New York Assembly Passes Trans Protection Bill

OH: “Transgender student claims Miami University shows bias in housing”

“The U.S. Recognizes Straight Binational Marriages with Transgender Spouses”

Computers, Servers Seized In Pitt Bomb Threat Investigation

Federal Court rules Minn. DOMA doesn’t apply to some “transgender marriages”

“Argentina OKs transgender rights: ID changes, sex-change operations and hormone therapy”

Barack Obama had a transgendered nanny in Indonesia

Feds: housing programs must accept transgender, homosexual applicants

Sex change British man gives birth to son

A man who used to be a woman has become Britain’s first “male mother” by giving birth to a son.

About gender

ACLU Challenges Alaska Policy on Changing Sex on Driver’s Licenses

Maryland County Proposes Bathroom Bill

Led by the child who simply knew: The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.

Consumers contributing to sex-change operations?

Macy’s fires Christian for protecting women’s dressing rooms from cross-dresser

She endured expletives from transgender, then got fired for standing firm in her faith.

“amednews: Ob-gyns told to welcome transgender patients”

Transanity -Michael Brown

A little boy is dead. Another is in prison for the next 21 years.
Because of social engineering in Southern California schools.

Male cross-dressing ‘lesbian’ couple ‘marries’ after one has sex change surgery

Massachusetts passes bill making transgenderism/crossdressing a protected class

CA: Controversial Therapy for Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions

Mass. Makes Transgender a Protected Class

Transgendered Girl Scouts? You better believe it

IRS to Give Tax Deductions for Transgender People

European Court of Human Rights “fines Turkey in harassment case of transgender Esma Halat”

UK: “Trans lesbian couple marry after one half has sex change”

Transgender Girl Scout Controversy Sheds Light on Organization’s ‘Inclusive’ Policies

Controversial Therapy for Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions

California Governor Signs Two Transgender Bills

Job training efforts grow for transgender workers

Wesley Smith: Human Experimentation the Real Issue in Stopping “Transsexual” Boy’s Puberty

Feds revise rules to allow taxpayers to pay for inmate “gender reassignment surgery”

CA: “The little boy who started a sex change aged eight because he (and his lesbian parents) knew he always wanted to be a girl”

“After demise of ‘don’t ask,’ activists call for end to military ban on transgenders”

Q and A: City’s proposed gender identity ordinance

Sex: M, F, or X?

Kansas Town to Consider ‘Bathroom Bill’

“DNC Exec Committee Elects First Trans Member”

Dutch government to change transgender rules

Thai court to military: transsexuals not ill

Don’t Let Your Kids Watch Chaz Bono On ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Lady Who?: Gaga male alter-ego sparks confusion, repulsion at VMAs

Taxpayers may have to foot the bill for criminals’ sex-change operations

State must pay for drugs to alter transsexual prisoners’ body type: court

TSA staff at LAX undergoing mandatory transgender training

ACLU: Alaska requirements for correcting transgender drivers’ licenses unconstitutional From a news release

Malay transsexual loses court bid to officially change gender

“Conn. governor signs transgender protections into law”

“Transgender” Students at U. South Fla. Will Have Option to Room With Either Sex

Sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic, study finds

Ireland: Transgender legislation pledged

NY Times: New Challenge for Parents – Children’s Gender Roles

Indians pay surgeons to turn girls into boys

The dark side of the “transgender” movement: Powerful testimony for Transgender Bill hearing next week.

“My Daddy’s Secret” — a painful growing up

Mass: Analysis of “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes” bill H502 – How it will affect you.

Possibly the most radical “transgender” bill ever attempted

The Disturbing (and Disturbed) “T” in LGBT – Matthew J. Franck, First Things

Family blames gender identity therapy for abused son’s suicide decades later

The myth of the genderless baby

Stamford transgender person charged with sexually assaulting minor

CTA, Transgender Clownfish and Our Children

CA: Former (and recovered) transgender: Sarah Allis Yang
Astounding testimony from Sarah Allis Yang, a recovered “transgender.” She exposes the fraudulent nature of the transgender movement and the harm it does to vulnerable people. Her personal experience is really compelling.

Former Transgender Tells His Story

CT: Senate Approves Transgender Bill

Teen boys in high schools in Florida and Virginia named prom queen

Texas Court Strikes Down Transgendered Marriage

Texas court affirms sex cannot be changed

Va. inmate sues after gruesome tries at sex change

“Human Rights Campaign Praises New Federal Guidance on Protecting Transgender Federal Workers”

Malaysian “transsexual” asks court to say she is woman

Should I be concerned about my daughter being a tomboy?

CT: Lawmakers Pass Bill Outlawing Transgender Discrimination and see also,0,2413280.story

Nevada, Alabama Work Toward Special Employee Protections Based on ‘Gender Expression’

Inside the Mind of Chaz Bono

Hate Crime Charges in Maryland McDonald’s Beating Caught On Video

Gender-confused kids need parents who think straight

Obama admin first to host ‘transgender’ meeting at White House

“Labor Department Delivers for Trans Federal Employees”

Joy and pain as transgender Indians ‘wed’ Hindu god

NV Senate OKs two of three “transgender” bills

Texas bill targets “transgender marriage”

Nashville ‘Gen. identity’ law could be reversed

VIDEO: ‘Hunky Jesus’ Contest in San Francisco Mocks Christianity on Easter Sunday, but Don’t Look for ‘Hunky Muhammad’ Contest Anytime Soon

‘Sex change’ for 10-year-old boy ok says Australian judge

Puberty-preventing drugs to be given to 12 year-olds in UK gender identity study

Puberty blocker for children considering sex change

Children as young as 12 are to be allowed drugs to block puberty while they decide whether to have a sex change, it has been revealed.

Maryland Senate quashes ‘transgender’ equality bill

NJ: A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?

NJ transgender man sues over drug-center firing

Nevada: Anti-discrimination bills for transgender people advance

J.Crew Ad Showing Boy With Pink Nail Polish Sparks Debate on Gender Identity

Jail to house transgender men with women inmates

Critic wonders who’s paying costs of special panel to evaluate needs

Coed showers coming? Lawmakers push ‘equality’ plan

Would ban ‘discrimination’ against men using women’s public facilities

Fired ‘trans’ activist rejects settlement from Catholic school board

New European Convention Defines “Gender” as Social Construct

Filipino youth advocate chastity, not ‘reproductive health bill’

Transgender bill moves to Maryland Senate

“Aiming to change birth records, transgender people say NYC rules ask too much, file lawsuits”

PA: Dickinson College adding unisex restrooms

TN: Southern Baptist leaders stand against proposed ‘gender identity’ law in Nash.

Law banning ‘sex-change’ surgery proposed in Lithuania

Testimony opposing House Bill 235 regarding “Gender Identity Antidiscrimination,” Maryland House of Delegates, Health and Government Operations Committee, March 9, 2011, By Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, Family Research Council, Resident, Montgomery County, Maryland

UK transgender woman loses breast enlargement bid

Blurring Sexual Boundaries – No fixed borders for sexual identity, means no fixed rules for sexual expression  – Douglas Farrow, First Things

‘Transsexual’ prisoners have rights to padded bras, makeup, says British government

More companies covering “transgender” surgery

What’s next for military? Cross-dressers, drag queens, she-males

Those in uniform targeted for more social experiments

MA: Patrick bans discrimination against “transgender” state workers

ID: Human Rights commissions pushes for gender identity discrimination bill

Canada’s House of Commons passes transgender bill

Canadian pro-family leaders urge Senate lobby on ‘transgender’ bill

Transsexual model stirs Brazil fashion show

Germany: constitutional court legally recognises “lesbian” partnership of a man who thinks he’s a woman

MI: “Transgender” man denied marriage license in Oakland County

Malta: Attorney General appeals in “transsexual marriage” case

UN head calls for more respect for gay, transgender ‘rights’

Canada’s ‘trans’ bill passes, goes to third reading

Canadian military establishes dress rules for transsexuals

‘Remove Ignatieff’ say pro-family groups after Liberal leader backs radical ‘trans’ bill

LifeSiteNewsBytes Dec. 7 – Homosexuality, Transgenderism

Argentina gives legal sex-change to man, declaring him a woman

When a woman claims to be a man, should the university and the press play along?

Drag queens, porn stars and gay politicians

McGill Prof: Canadian transgender bill a ‘Trojan horse’ to ‘reorganize’ society’s view of sex

Canada: “Lunatic” transgender bill could pass next week, warns pro-family leader

‘Transgender’ student attacks Genocide Awareness Project

‘Scary’ Canadian Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill Sails Thru Committee

Transgender Bill sails through committee By Fr. Alphonse de Valk

Canada: Evangelical leader accuses Tories of helping push NDP bill on gender

Vancouver council unanimously backs ‘transgender’ bill

“Transgender” people find their voice at NC school

First transgender judge in US

Alameda County picks transgender candidate for superior court over veteran prosecutor

Young Obama had openly ‘gay’ nanny
‘Barry’ visits neighborhood that knew him as ‘boy who runs like a duck’ –New York Times

Gender identity discrimination law reviewed in Haverford, PA

RED ALERT: ‘Scary’ Canadian Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill Sails Thru Committee

‘Transgenderism’ up in public schools

Gay Activists Tell Businesses to Provide Unlimited Health Care for ‘Transgender’ Employees

‘Transgender’ woman sues LPGA for birth rule

School must oblige transgender 6th-grader

Hong Kong judge: Transgender woman can’t marry man

Transgender candidate labeled too ‘conservative’ – Woman who ran sex-toy company in San Francisco as political insider

Transgender senior can’t be king

Oakleigh Marshall not allowed to compete for court‘king’-title-for-transgender-senior

The Man Who Derailed Maine’s Transgendered Agenda By Romulus

Transvestites demand use of opposite sex bathrooms in Argentina

He is God – not “the goddess”

Austria: Transsexual allowed to teach

Hong Kong transgender woman fights marriage ban

Irish ‘Transgender Woman’ Can Request Refugee Status in Canada

UK: Trans criminal will not go to jail: it’s too “awkward”

Holy Hermaphrodites by LEE DUIGON

TX – Lawyers: Transgendered marriage was legal

NEA celebrates ‘drag queen’ teachers

MASS: WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP the Transgender Rights Bill #H1728.

MD: Transgender seeks millions for ‘distress’ and damages

MD: Transgender Lawsuit

Rhode Island Gov. Vetoes Transgender Hate Crimes Bill

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Woman Represented by Lambda Legal After She Was Fired By Georgia General Assembly

UK: Transsexual to sue over breast augmentation

Dallas: DART board set to adopt gender-identity policy

Medical paper reveals uncomfortable facts about transgender “sex re-assignment surgery”
From medical, psychological, and ethical perspectives. This is a very frightening subject. The mental health profession recognizes “gender identity disorder” as a psychological affliction — not an inborn biological condition. But many in the field are afraid to research it or even discuss for fear of retribution from the powerful homosexual movement.

Surgery no longer a requirement for changing gender on passport

Transexual Protection Bill Passes Second Reading in Canadian Parliament

Pro-family leader says, “It shouldn’t have got passed. Obviously people are asleep at the switch.”

Transexual Protection Bill Passes Second Reading in Canadian Parliament

MA: “Demonstrators urge passage of transgender rights legislation”

NY: “Bathroom Bill” Empowers Predators

UK: NHS hiring “hair removal expert” for transsexuals

Transexual Loses Bid For State-Paid Breast Enlargements

Irish Government plans to allow transsexuals to marry

Transgenders win discrimination tiff with American Eagle Outfitters, AG Andrew Cuomo forces changes

UK: “Trans woman launches legal challenge after being denied breast surgery”

A sad case of mistaken identity

It’s Official: Cher’s Gender-swap Son Chaz Bono Is Legally A Man

Oakland steps toward removing 1879 law against cross-dressing

TX: One partner’s male birth status allows two women to get married

The New Human Rights Explosion by Maggie Gallagher

Maine Commission Moves to Ban Gender Specific Bathrooms, Sports Teams in Schools

University of Michigan’s first openly “gay” student body president ready to get to work for “gender-neutral” housing

House plans to resurrect law requiring ‘gay’ hires

Fresh off health-care victory, Dems target Christian employers

Chaz Bono asks judge to change name, gender

Australia Rescinds Special Status for “Non-Specific” Sex

India: Govt may make special rules for transgender prisoners

Parents sue Spain over mandatory course material

Australian sexless loses official status

An Australian has lodged an official protest after losing an official designation of gender neutrality.

New York Assembly Again Passes Gender Identity Protections

Colorado Springs Police To Be Trained In Transgender Sensitivity

The Strange World Of Dr. Anthrax Ivins was bondage- and sorority-obsessed cross-dressing Yankee hater

Attack on ‘biology-based’ restrooms sparks backlash

Pro-family activists target repeal of state’s Human Rights statute

Maine: “Biology-based” restrooms called “discrimination”

Schools Should Not Force Girls To Wear Skirts – It Discriminates Against Transsexuals, Warns Watchdog

Storm brewing over ‘biology-based’ locker rooms

Commission to talk over school accommodations for ‘transgenders’

Maine: Private and Public Schools Subject to Transgendered Guidelines

Biology-based restrooms to be banned?
‘Transgender ID’ in schools under scrutiny by human-rights commission

Psychiatrists Mull Renaming Sexual Disorder

Case backs need for sex-change surgery

US tax court rules costs deductible

Tax court allows deduction for woman’s sex change

MASS: The Coming Nightmare of a “Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes” Law in Massachusetts:
Why Bill H1728 Must Be Defeated

Transgender Lobby Day at Massachusetts State House: Chairman of Judiciary Committee calls opponents of transgender bill “ignorant”
Says “Get over it” if transgenderism makes you uncomfortable!

BC human rights tribunal rules landlord discriminated against gay man and two-spirited roommate

A debate about fashion in Qatar

Cross about cross-dressing

Is it a wicked Western habit that should be stopped?

Transgender Lobby Day at Mass. State House: Chairman of Judiciary Committee calls opponents of transgender bill “ignorant” — says “Get over it” if transgenderism makes them uncomfortable! (January 21, 2010)

Spanish teen undergoes sex change operation

Administration Adds Gender Identity To Equal Employment Opportunity Policies – Policy Marks First Time Transgender Individuals Are Explicitly Protected In Federal Employment

First Transgender Presidential Appointee Fears Being Labeled ‘Token’

Amanda Simpson Says It Was Her Merits, Not Gender Identity, That Got Her Commerce Job

President Appoints ‘Transgendered’ Individual to Federal Post

Appointee to the Commerce Department has ties to gay activist groups See also

White House silent on Obama transgender ‘appointee’

Test pilot had 6 surgeries at cost of $70,000 to switch from male to female

Judge to rule on gender operation

Lawyers wrap prison suit

Political activist pleads guilty in window-smashing

NY Gov. Orders State Agencies to Recognize “Transgender” Civil Rights

Executive Order Will Protect State Workers from Discrimination Based on Gender Identity

The Coming Nightmare of a “Transsexual Rights
and Hate Crimes” Law in Massachusetts: Why Bill H1728 Must Be Defeated

Remembering those killed for gender reassignment

Canada: Ontario Human Rights’ Transgender Discrimination Suit Abandoned

Human rights tribunals have little interest in real justice

United Nations Report Pushes for Right to Sex-Change Operations

TX: Panel says Fort Worth’s insurance should cover workers’ sex-change operations

Christians protest at portrayal of Jesus as transsexual woman

William and Mary students elect transgender homecoming queen

Census bureau says 2020 count could include gays, transgender persons

HHS to Create a National Resource Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Elders

U.N. Report Says Counterterrorism Measures ‘Risk Unduly Penalizing Transgender Persons’

All-male college cracks down on cross-dressing

Germany: Transexual Sues Health Insurer for Refusing to Cover Breast Implant Surgery,1518,655305,00.html

New UN Report Pushes Gender as a Social Construct not Based in Nature

Case of Gender-Confused Teacher against Catholic School Board Accepted by HRC

Uruguay parliament approves sex change law

GA: North Cobb High teen told he can’t dress like female at school

Teacher, Dismissed from Catholic School After “Sex Change,” Files Human Rights Complaint


UK: Second schoolboy, nine, arrives at school as girl

Uruguayan Legislators Approve Gender Change as a “Right”

Boy, 12, turns into girl

“Transgender Bill” H1728 public hearing July 14, 2009

Part 1. Citizens angered at marathon public hearing for “transgender” bill — and over 200 other bills

“Iran set to allow first transsexual marriage”

Caster Semenya, forced to take gender test, is a woman … and a man

Transsexual to be transferred to women’s prison

Normalizing transgenderism in schools

Vermont: Transgender youth wants genderless bathrooms–+Latest+news

Australia Court Legally Recognizes Two Women as Men

“State reverses policy that made it harder to get ID reflecting gender change”

Judge denies prisoner sex-change request

10th Circuit Affirms Reversal of Asylum Claim by Gay Brasilian Man

Idaho settles with “transgenders” who castrated themselves

Maddow Stumbles on Obama-Care and Transsexual ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries: Barber


ObamaCare To Provide Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Manitoba’s NDP Government Puts Paying For Sex-Change Surgery on the Back Burner, For Now

MA: Stoneham pols speak on transgender anti-discrimination bill

ObamaCare To Provide Gender Reassignment Surgery?

VIDEO – ObamaCare to Fund Sex-Change Operations, Part 1

Bryan Fischer talks with Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel about ObamaCare

VIDEO – ObamaCare to Fund Sex-Change Operations, Part 2

Bryan Fischer interviews Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel about ObamaCare

Oregon: Silverton’s “transgender” mayor officially reprimanded for cross dressing in front of kids

When Dad Becomes a Woman, Things Aren’t ‘Perfectly Fine’
Hurt and bewilderment show through ABC’s attempt to normalize transgenderism

ABC: Daddy is Now a Mommy, But the Kids are Alright
Chang follows transgender woman and family.

ABC Pushes ‘Normal’ With Transgendered Mayor
Network touts potential reality show in the works for small town’s gender-confused mayor.

UK: “Transgender inmate seeks prison move”

UMass embraces gender neutrality”

“NY man guilty of hate crime in transgender slaying”

Mass. lawmakers debate transgender rights bill

MA: “Transgender activists promote hate-crimes law expansion on eve of hearing”

“Mass. transgender equity bill fuels bathroom fight”

Voodoo became a fatal obsession


Obama White House not appealing transgender ruling

Swedish Parents Won’t Tell if Child is Boy or Girl as Gender Experiment

Interview With Babette Francis on the UN’s Destruction of the Concept of Gender

“Gender feminists” imply women would not be oppressed if there were no such thing as women

Federal Court rules “transgender” discrimination suit against Ga. legisluture can go forward

White House to extend protection to transgender federal employees

Oklahoma Bar quietly promoting “transgenderism”

Gender Confusion, Confusion

Cher: ‘Chaz Embarking on a Difficult Journey’

Cher is Supporting Chasity’s Sex Change, Though She Doesn’t Understand It

Exclusive: ‘Pregnant Man’ Gives Birth to Second Child

Thomas Beatie, the Transgender Man Born a Woman, Welcomes Baby Boy to Family

Equality Bill’s Emphasis on Medical Reality “Doesn’t go Far Enough” to Protect “Trans People”: “Trans” Activist to Parliament

‘Bathroom bill’ foes rally in Mass.

Cher’s daughter Chastity Bono is changing gender from female to male

‘I changed sex for her, but she dumped me’

“Ads pulled over radio hosts’ transgender remarks”

I was a lipstick lesbian… now I’m a gay man

Canadian MP Tables Bill to Protect “Transgendered” People in Canadian Human Rights Act

Nebraska: “Transgender boy barred from Catholic school” if he presents as girl

Omaha Catholic School Disallows 8-Yr-Old Boy to be Dressed/Treated as Girl

Transsexual sues Library of Congress, wins big

Cross-dressers & transsexuals converge on MA State House to lobby for radical Transgender rights and hate crimes bill.” A taste of things to come if bill passes

NH Senate rejects “transgender rights”

“Transsexual wins $500,000 lawsuit”

Transgender world sees hope

Committee votes 5-0 against rights for transsexuals

ADF attorney to testify before NH Senate against ‘gender identity’ bill

Nations Balk at UN Proposal for Billion Dollar Global Gender-Policing Agency

Alberta refusal to fund “sex change” surgeries stirs debate

New Hampshire: Trans-gender bill clears House by one vote

Wash. OKs transgender hate-crime protection

“Man” to Have Twins

Massachusetts RMV head defends new policy of ‘transgender’ drivers’ licenses on Boston talk radio show –

Claims it’s “concurrent with current medical practices.” Legislators asking for explanation

Pennsylvania man with ‘transgender’ drivers’ license demands to use women’s changing room in Kmart. Enforced by police over store manager’s objection!

LA Times male sports reporter “becomes” a woman. Year and a half later changes mind, “becomes” a man again! Luckily, he didn’t have sex-change surgery!

Egypt: Islamic tradition bucks court orders to admit transsexual to a medical school

Florida: Vote pending on ‘gender identity’ in Gainesville

Gender Identity Disorders in Boys: A Complemental Series?

Martin A. Silverman, M.D.

The “Dr. Phil Show”
Explores the Issue of Transgender Children

Washington Senate bill seeks “hate crime protection for transgender people”

Transsexual takes case to tribunal after claiming to be denied access to women’s only area of gym

Md. residents to urge transgender protections

Gender Madness in Maryland

For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch

Fitness club faces human rights hearing

SOCIAL: Transsexual takes case to tribunal after claiming to be denied access to women’s only area of gym

Suppressing puberty with a view to sex-change surgery

Massachusetts RMV changes driver’s license “gender markers”

San Francisco City Attorney Files Lawsuit Against State Over ‘Gender Ratings’ for Individual Health Plans

Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination Proposal,0,4139339.story

Illinois: ACLU to challenge birth certificate policy for “transgender persons”

Fla. conservatives fight transgender restroom rule

Doctors Urge Puberty Blockers for Children Considering Sex Change

America’s 1st openly transgendered mayor
City leader promises ‘change’ – in form of breast implants, lipstick, high heels

The tragedy we call ‘sex reassignment’

The Coming Nightmare of a “Transsexual Rights
and Hate Crimes” Law in Massachusetts:
Why Bill H1722 Must Be Defeated

Gender Mainstreaming – The Secret Revolution

Hope in a World of Gender Confusion

Devon Williams and Jeff Johnston

Children’s hospital launches sex change for kids program
‘This isn’t conjecture, it’s happening now’

The fire zone of gender theory


Article: Questions Funding for Gender Reassignment, Assisted Fertility Treatment, and other areas

Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege

LaBarbera says media glorifying transgender movement – 

Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic Will reportedly offer the treatments to children as young as seven years old –  

Boy, 12, Given Questionable Sex-Change Therapy after “Diagnosed” as Transsexual Leading US psychiatric researcher strongly criticizes such procedures –  

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