The 2009 Woman of Faith Award

Dawn Stefanowicz – Founder, The Ministry of Dawn Stefanowicz
London, Ontario Canada (

Internationally recognized speaker and author Dawn Stefanowicz was at the forefront of educating thousands [millions] of Christians in North America in 2008 about the consequences for children who have been exposed to the negative influences of homosexual parents. Dawn grew up in a homosexual household during the 1960s and 1970s in Toronto , Canada , thus exposing her to many different people in homosexual, lesbian and transsexual subcultures, as well as the explicit sexual practices of these groups. Sadly, she lost her father to AIDS in 1991. Despite having faced so much adversity as a child, Dawn Stefanowicz has overcome the effects of being raised under a homosexual parent and is now prospering in a ministry that seeks to help parents protect their kids from the destructiveness of the homosexual lifestyle. Her new testimonial book, Out From Under, is a must read. We are proud to present Dawn Stefanowicz with our 2009 Woman of Faith Award for the outstanding work that she did to positively impact the American culture in the previous twelve months. Please see these links for details:

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Dawn Stefanowicz is an internationally recognized speaker, author, media spokesperson, as well as a licensed accountant and home educator. She acknowledges that children are impacted and influenced long-term by various family structures and living arrangements. Dawn addresses the impact of legislation affecting children. She advocates for children and families, pertaining to marriage, parenting, sexuality, and education. She has testified in Hartford, Connecticut; Boston, Massachusetts; Tallahassee, Florida; Annapolis, Maryland; Des Moines, Iowa; and to the Washington Supreme Court Justices. In August, 2009, written testimony was submitted to the Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Standing Committee. Late June 2010, written testimony was submitted to senators in Argentina. Then, in October, Dawn presented to party leaders in Paraguay. She recently addressed the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on hate crime legislation. Dawn speaks to a wide range of groups and has spoken in person to audiences in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Mexico, and Paraguay. Her articles have been published, including “Same-Sex Marriage: Have the Best Interests of Children Been Considered?” (Various Publications), “An Inside Look At Gay Parenting” (The Therapist, a Professional Magazine of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), “Silencing the Problems of Children Raised in Same-Sex Households” (REALity by REAL Women of Canada), “Changes in Life, Dawn Stefanowicz” (She Your Magazine for Women) and others. Her world-wide media experiences include television, radio and print. Dawn is a resource to family policy, legislative, medical, research, and scholastic organizations. She offers a safe place for adult children from similar households. Out From UnderThe Impact Of Homosexual Parenting is available HERE.

The Spanish publication of Out From Under is El Impacto De La Paternidad Homosexual – Salir Del Hoyo is available HERE.

The Italian publication of Out From Under is Fuori Dal buio: La Mia Vita Con Un Padre Gay is available HERE.

Dawn is married and has two children.