Out From Under Endorsements

“Out From Under should be read by every legislator, lawyer, physician and mental health professional in a position to lobby for the best interests of children. May society heed Dawn’s courageous testimony and spare other innocents the suffering she and her siblings sustained.”

––Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., Board of Directors, American College of Pediatricians, and Chair, Committee on Sexuality, ACP, United States

“Out From Under is a personal account told in an emotional narrative. Stefanowicz tells of the enormous burden that was thrust upon her as a young person, a burden that is too great for any child. This story compels one to ponder the vulnerability of children, human suffering, and the meaning of life itself.”

––Senator Anne Cools, Ottawa, Canada

“Dawn Stefanowicz has the courage to write a politically incorrect book. She has the right because she was raised in a homosexual environment and suffered because of it . . . there are few books like this one, which argues that such environments are disturbing to children.”

––Professor John Patrick, M.D., Augustine College, Ottawa, Canada

“Dawn Stefanowicz writes . . . her personal experience, illustrating the unnaturalness of her parenting situation, the hypocrisy of those in her environment who pretended not to see this unnaturalness, and the loneliness of a child who is imprisoned in that situation . . . ”

––Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D., psychologist specializing in the treatment of homosexuality, and author of many articles and several books, the Netherlands.

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